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Love for Texas

My name is Connor and I have been happily married to my beautiful wife, Kelsie, since 2012. We have two sons, Owen and Anson, that always make us laugh when they aren’t busy destroying our house. We’ve been in and out of Texas for work for the last 6.5 years and have loved our time in this great state. I like to say we’re well on our way to becoming adopted sons and daughters of Texas!

I have lived and worked in many states, and I know that there is something very special about Texas. When we moved up from Belton, I wanted to live somewhere that was as beautiful as hill country and this area seemed to call to us; the small-town feel, the hills and trees, the open land on multiple sides, and who could forget our beloved H.E.B. Having lived in the Dallas area previously, I knew I wanted to be on the Fort Worth side of the tracks where southern hospitality is the way of life.

We’re so grateful to live in such a beautiful area with friendly neighbors and great opportunities for our family. God, family, and country are most important to us, and we strive always to let that show through in our actions.

Originally from southern Utah, I got my first taste of the South when I moved to North Carolina for 2 years. Opportunities in this great state first came from Houston and then Austin. I fell in love with the pride and hospitality of Texans during the months I lived here so I reached out to a good friend of 15 years, which is how I ended up in Burleson. Having listened to him tell me of the beauty of the area and the quality of life and people for 2 years, I had to come to see it for myself. One week was all it took to convince me that this was where I needed to be.

Fun Fact

I am a bit of a food junkie and am always willing to try out a new spot from friends and acquaintances. BBQ has a special place in my heart, but I’m still trying to convince myself that Texas Pit is better than North Carolina style (blasphemous, I know!). Lake Powell is one of my favorite vacation spots and I try to go every summer with a group of close friends. I am a huge Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fan, and enjoy books ranging from westerns to sci-fi.

Kannon Cravey

My father would tell you pest control is in my blood, as I am a third generation exterminator, and now a small business owner. I began treating homes with him when I was in high school and have been involved in the industry ever since. After graduating with a degree in Biology, I knew that being an entrepreneur and utilizing my skills in this profession was what I wanted to do.

Pest control has pretty much been my life since 2013. This is an industry that is ever-changing, with new products and application methods being updated and added frequently. Texas Premier is not afraid of change and I always jump at the chance to improve my service and protect the homes of my customers. I’m always willing to research and try new products so that our homes are safe and bug populations are kept in check. If something isn’t working for your home or yard, I will change the approach until the problem is solved. As a local family-owned and operated business, every customer and their home matters to my family; we will always do our best and treat your home like it was our own.

Having been involved in this industry for much of my life, I know how much the products vary and can change. I am always open to ways of improving and updating our service to ensure the best possible outcome for your pest control needs. If a certain approach isn’t working, I will change the products and/or approach to keep our homes safe and bug populations in check.

Brennan Anderton

My name is Brennan Anderton, a husband of 5 years and father to a beautiful two year old girl. My family and I lived in Jacksonville, Florida where I served 8 years Active Duty in the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Technician. My time in the military was memorable however, it wasn’t my future. Having family in the pest control business I was offered the opportunity to branch out and partner up with a long time family friend Kannon and my brother Connor. I took a leap of faith, finished my time in the military, and moved my family to Texas. It’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We love the community, environment, and most of all the people. My father used to tell me anything worth doing is worth doing well. We live by those words at Texas Premier, providing our customers with superior pest solutions.

Why Choose Us?

What sets Texas Premier Pest Control apart from other pest control companies is our unwavering commitment to our core values:

Exclusive Focus

We strive to be the best and last pest control company you ever use. Unlike companies that try to be a jack-of-all-trades, we specialize exclusively in pest control. This focus allows us to dedicate all of our resources, expertise, and attention to delivering the most effective and efficient pest control solutions to our valued customers.

Family Oriented

We’re a family owned and operated business so we take the word seriously. Your home is carefully inspected and treated as if it were our own during all visits. Each customer truly becomes a member of our family on the day of their first service and we never forget who keeps us in business.We understand that dealing with pests can be a stressful and disruptive experience, which is why we strive to create a personalized and caring environment for our clients. Our team takes the time to listen attentively to our customers' concerns, assess their specific needs, and provide tailored solutions that address their unique pest control challenges. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers feel heard, supported, and confident in our ability to protect their homes or businesses.


We also believe in making quality pest control services affordable and accessible to all. We understand that pest control is not a luxury service, but a needed one, which is why we offer competitive and transparent pricing options. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value for our services without compromising on quality or effectiveness. By providing affordable pricing, we strive to make pest control a realistic and attainable solution for everyone in our community.We have different options based on our customer needs and their budgets. Discounts and promotions are available for new customers, and our existing customers have the opportunity to continue to save on recurring visits through our referral and happy customer programs.

Our Pest Control Products Are Regulated

All of our products are closely regulated on a state and federal level by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency. Safety is our top priority when applying any and all products, and we’re careful to dilute the products to the proper levels for interior and exterior application. The products we use during our visits are safe for kids and pets, and go a long way towards keeping your home pest free. Many of our products contain extracts from plants, which they have been using to repel bugs for thousands of years.

Organic Solutions

We know that going completely organic is of utmost importance to some consumers, so Texas Premier Pest Control proudly offers a separate, fully organic approach for those with concerns about our normal product line.

Pets and people can also have allergies to products so the organic approach was also designed with that in mind! Due to the natural ingredients in the organic product line, the products are not as strong and do not last as long as the products in our normal line. 

To counter this, the Texas Premier Organic Service is reapplied every 60 days in order to keep you and your family safe and as pest free as possible. The entire yard and home are treated as described elsewhere on our website so you can expect the same level of service all of our customers enjoy!

Here is a list of the organic products we use:

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